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It started out as a part-time job in high school for Kenny Tyree, owner of Polish-It Garage Auto Detailing. He was just washing his neighbors' cars for extra cash at first. Then came his first official job, a detailer at a local, family-owned car dealership. It was about more than just turning over clean cars for Kenny then, and it still is today.


The proud husband to Megan and daddy to the beautiful Molly, he knew he wanted to build his own business. When Molly was born with medical issues in 2017, Kenny, like so many great dads before him, got the extra inspiration he needed to really open up the throttle on his dream of opening his very own detailing business (all auto-related puns 100% intended).

Kenny Tyree, Owner Polish-It Garage Auto Detailing

He started mobile detailing as a side gig in 2018. He's always loved the challenge of taking on a project that seems daunting to most and turning it into an immaculate work of shiny, clean, car art. Whether that challenge is the family minivan complete with years' worth of french fries and Juicy Juice stains or the '67 Mustang getting touched up for the weekend car show, Kenny absolutely loves what he does.


Auto detailing is more than just a job for him, it's been his way of life his entire career. So, when Adam Pitale, the founder of Adam's Polishes invited him to Denver, CO to become a Certified Adam's Polishes Ceramic Coating Installer in early 2019, that's when things got kicked into high gear.


With an Adam's Polishes Ceramic Coating Certification under his belt and the support of his wife and daughter, Polish-It Garage Auto Detailing was born. Kenny's happy to go to work every day and offer not only the best ceramic coating and PPF installation service in Phoenix, but also paint correction and sealant, wet sanding, interior detailing, fleet wash/details, restore faded plastics, window tinting, and of course, complete auto detailing for your car, truck, van or SUV. Ready for him to take care of your ride? Call today! (480) 904-5204

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